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In an alternate reality, Pitbulls are the highest evolved form of life, they lived much as humans do now, in a modern society. They walk on two legs, have government, language, opposable thumbs, the internet, cryptocurrency and for better or worse social media aka Pittztagram & Pitt-Tok. All living out their lives in the PittzVerse.

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5130 Unique Pittz have escaped the Metapound!


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Omniscient and XOXNO are recommended for accurate ranks

 CryptoPittz is fast becoming a monster of a brand in the web3 space. Continuing to build interactive elements to push the boundaries of Blockchain and NFT Technology.

What started as a humble art project has grown into one of the most exciting and dynamic NFT ecosystems on any layer 1 to date.  
We are building a brand which will help usher in the Web2 world into blockchain through the Multiversx (Elrond) Network.

Started by a group of artists, creatives, and blockchain specialists, the CryptoPittz are now setting the standard for what innovation on the new decentralized web should look like, welcome to the future, welcome to the


Code Hard, Pawty Harder.
Woof Woof 


The BONEYARD is a special smart contract where you can send your Pittz to earn the token which powers the CryptoPittz Ecosystem called $BONEZ.  Depending on your Pittz Rank, you can qualify for various Dynamic Tiers, and earn more BONEZ by having higher ranks.  If your rank is higher than any teir that you see potential to make more rewards, you can go down and accumulate at that tier.  You can claim once per week, (On Fridays when rewards go out) or you can choose to let them accumulate in the contract and they will never expire.

Get yo'self some Bonez

Bonez is the CryptoPittz ESDT (Elrond Standard Digital Token) will be used for a myriad of different utilities and will get you all sorts of you stuff we mean.

10% of total weekly Bonez distribution will be split among all staked meta-collarz.


Only 300 Exist














8% Every

6 Months

Blow your Bonez

BONEZ can be used in our "Lost Pittz" contract exclusively to get NFTs (or IRL and digital prizes as well, coming soon).  $Bonez will also be required (along with a Key) to utilize our special Low-Rarity bottom 20% Re-Roll feature, and to get yourself a v1.5 VICE CryptoPitt + a sweet Dog Tag NFT collectible to remember your old Pitt by.  $BONEZ will also be used for ante to participate in special community events, as well as in our future P2E "Game of BONEZ".


Future Pittz,Trapped in the Past

CryptoPittz VICE (version 1.5) is a limited collection of 1395 "Re-Rolled" Pittz who have been transported through the portal to the 1980's RetroVerse. This collection is a Special Edition that is only available by "Re-Rolling" a bottom 20% ranking Genesis Pitt and opening the corresponding Vice Portal Loot Box.

Unlock Your Portal




Reroll Pitt


  • Stake Metakey to Reroll

  • Diamond key saves 25% off Bonez cost

  • Unlimited Uses 

  • Ranks 5175+ Qualify for Reroll

  • Pitt must not be staked in order to be rerolled

  • Reroll costs 50,000 Bonez

  • With Diamond Metakey - 35,000

  • Earn Bonez From Boneyard


Society torn into 3 Factions...

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Street pittz are the most feral and savage of all the bloodlines. After escaping the metapound they did anything they had to to survive. They sought refuge with other outcasts and formed alliances which run thicker than blood. Known for their adaptability and resourcefulness. They run the underbelly of the metaverse, guarding their streets with the motto of “honor among strays.”

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Regal pittz are royalty, and the most dignified of all the bloodlines. Pride in their lineage is of the highest importance, known most for their superior intelligence, they use wit and cunning to outsmart any who might oppose their dominance. They are experts in the politics of the metaverse, and rule with an iron fist. They don’t just think they are better, they are better.


Loyal pittz are die-hard for their Fam. Adopted from the shelters and taken off the streets of the metaverse, they fiercely guard their own territory and respect is everything. Known for their strength and discipline, Loyal Pittz rule the economy of the metaverse, and always put family first. They never back down from a challenge, and defend their own with fierce intensity.


A testament to the determination and work ethic of CryptoPittz is our extraordinary catalog. From our Genesis collection of 5130 Pittz to our loveable Dope Eagles, CryptoPittz continues to deliver the highest quality production on the Multiversx Blockchain. With each new chapter and partnership, Pittz will continue to build and release assets into the mosaic wonder we call the


CryptoPittz Special Edition 3D Meta-Collars are extremely limited collectibles that will act as access tokens in the greater CryptoPittz Metaverse. Collar holders are given first mover access in limited drops, limited whitelist opprtunities and special events.


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CryptoPittz 3D Dog Tagz are a limited collection of 1395 special commemorative tokens that are a memento of your VICE exchange "Re-Roll" and will also have special utility in the greater cryptopittz metaverse and P2E game. The only way to obtain them is via "Re-Rolling" a bottom 20% Genesis Pitt. It's one of 2 NFTs you recieve from your ReRoll exchange, the other being a VICE Portal Pack.


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Collection of 999 Meta-Keyz that act as the ticket to the Pittz Vice collection and the key to unlocking VICE portals. There are two types of keyz, standard Meta and Diamond. Either key will open a portal (must be staked to do so) and a diamond key staked offers a 15K discount on Re-Rolled Pittz. Key holderz are also given special access to whitelist opportunities.


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Only obtainable via Re-Rolling a bottom 20% Genesis Pitt, rank 5175 or above. CryptoPittz VICE Portal Pack is one locked “lootbox” NFT redeemable for a single VICE Pitt. This collection is deflationary and all redeemed lootboxes are burned, making the remaining supply more scarce over time. Portals will never expire, and be in circulation until all are opened.


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  • CryptoPittz Meta-Collar/ Secret Rare Surprise Drop
  • "The Boneyard" Staking Revealed
  • Community Enrichment Funded Activities
  • Team AMA and Community Engagement 
  • First IRL Event (CryptoPittz Vegas)
  • Special BONEZ Airdrops
  • BONEZ Secret Rare Contract Goes Live
  • Boneyard Full V3 Released
  • CryptoPittz LaunchPad Web3 Release
  • Pawn Whale NFT Drop
  • Metakeyz Airdrop and Utility 
  • Reroll Feature Released
  • Rarity and Sales Bots Release
  • Proteo Free SFT Airdrop
  • Dope Eagles NFT Release 
  • Vice V1.5 Staking Release
  • $BONEZ Minter Release for Community (NFTs, IRL Items, Rotating Prizes Etc.)
  • 1st Royalty Charity Distribution - Community & Animal Welfare Donations
  • Community DAO Creation
  • V2 Announcement and Teasers - Format Change - New Concept and Utility
  • Reveal "Game of Bonez" v1 Play to Earn (P2E) Game (Rarity Contingent Advantage)
  • Pittzverse (Metaverse) and Secret Project Development Updates
  • NFT drop calendar listings
  • Whitelist
  • Community Engagement- Contests/ Giveaways/ Activities
  • Presale Waves 1-3 
  • Public Sale Feb 28th and Beyond
  • Elrond Places/ XOXNO/ Deadrare verification and listing
  • Announce Partnerships and Collaborations
  • $BONEZ Tokenomics Reveal and Initial Distribution
  • Bloodlines and First Faction Event Reveal



Tech  Advance And Beyond




Jared has been a futurist, artist, tech wiz and creative since early in his life. An accomplished graphic designer and videographer, he became a passionate supporter of decentralized networks in 2017, when he began his journey in the crypto space building GPU mining rigs for ETH and rolling the earnings like a degenerate into ICOs. While still working as a graphic designer professionally, he began to learn about NFTs in late 2020, and realized this technology would lead the charge into the future of Web3. Musing on the natural intersection between digital art and crypto, this led him to assemble a team of far more talented and good looking individuals than himself, to develop a next level algorithmically generative NFT collection, and CryptoPittz was born!




Dilly aka BatBull to the CryptoPittz community has been an avid stock investor for over 15 years, but transitioned from traditional financial markets to full crypto degen ape since 2017. The Co-Founder of Pittz and a lover of dogz (especially Pittz) Dilly has been instrumental in building and upkeep of all CryptoPittz community engagement and activities, especially the Discord. He is a friend to one and all, a true Pitt through and through, with a passion for making everyone around him better,  feel welcomed, and occasionally pound beers til we pass out on the bathroom floor. He helps new Pittz by day, and saves the city by night.



Final_-_Base (1).PNG

Blockchain tech enthusiast and trader since 2016, Steven has developed a passion and vision for interfacing business with the crypto space. As an early adopter of the Elrond Network, he believes firmly in their ethos and mission to bring blockchain to the unbanked. In 2018 Steven assisted with production of the inaugural World Crypto Con held in Las Vegas where he was inspired by some of the most influential actors in the crypto and blockchain sector. For the CryptoPittz team, Steven serves to identify strategic partnerships and networking opportunities for successful growth and project advancement, when he is not trying to stop PoopDogg from giving all of their NFTs to the community for free.



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Durtee Curtee aka Mista Sprinkles has always been a spectacular under-the-radar artist. His work stems from his early childhood days as an illustrative doodler to his later teen years as an accomplished Graffiti Artist, Muralist and now Procreate Wizard. Curtee began experimenting with digital art around the time he was at university studying to be a graphic designer. Along with being an elite digital artist in various programs, Curtee spends much of his time caring for his pets, and trying to escape the dungeon PoopDogg has locked him in.

Mista Sprinkles



Mojito will be Legendary in the blockchain space. After 10 years of experience working in various Microsoft technologies, he began to focus solely on blockchain development for the last 5 years. Fluent in many programming languages, including Rust, C#, React, Angular, Solidity and Pig Latin. Mojito has quietly carved out a name in the crypto underground, while simultaneously pursuing a career in juggling hoes from different area codes. He also enjoys occasionally whooping Steve's ass in tennis. Unassuming and ever-vigilant, he is the main coding brain of CryptoPittz.





Pawn Whale brings instant loans to the NFT market.  Borrowers will have the opportunity to receive instant liquidity, collateralized by select NFT projects.  Borrowers will have 3-10 days to come back to claim their pawned NFT for a small fee.  Defaulted NFTs will be sent to our internal auction marketplace with a sub-floor price starting bid.

Proteo DeFi is an amazing DeFi tools Suite that works on complementing Maiar Exchange, allowing users to deposit Maiar Exchange LPs in Proteo farms to earn PROTEO on top of it.  This token and its brother sPROTEO will have a big bunch of use cases, like big Raffles, Lending, Autostake, etc.  The value in this, beyond continual passive income for the investor, is that the use of these tools adds to the Elrond ecosystem, for example, by adding more liquidity to the Maiar DEX.

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 Aerovek is one of the pioneering IRL use case products launched on the Elrond network. Aerovek intends to serve as a one of a kind P2P - pilot 2 passenger interface, affording private air travel to the Elrond community. Among other innovative and game changing initiatives, Aerovek is introducing Kavarii, a decentralized social media platform incentivizing content developers and consumers a like.


Proteo Pittz Twins will unlock the potential for all CryptoPittz and Proteo joint ventures.

Stay tuned to both communities for updates and advancement including a chance to win a 600K prize.


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Pawn Whale will be developing sets of limited supply NFT collections which will act as a membership pass to Pawn Whale ecosystem, giving holders benefits like rebates on fees, more money for pawned NFTs, exclusive airdrops, IRL events, etc. CryptoPittz MetaCollar owners will automatically be added to one of the two early-access white lists in order to purchase those NFTs at a special discounted rate. Another added benefit for OG Pittz. 


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The Dope Eagles are a limited collection of 1555 NFTs, the product of a joint venture and collaboration between CryptoPittz and their partner Aerovek Aviation to commemorate the launch of their decentralized video platfrom dubbed "Kavarii". The tokens represent the first opportunity to earn Kavarii tokens, and can be staked in a unique gamefied staking model and also allow you access to the Kavarii Beta.


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The CryptoPittz Launchpad is the premier web3 release platform for Pittz Multiversx Network Partners and beyond. We facilitate a seamless minting and launch experience for the hottest up and coming NFT projects using our proprietary blend of utility and freshness. If you would like more info on how we can help launch your project, please get in touch via our contact page.

End to End Web3 Production

Custom Smart Contract Development and Deployment